Yoga for Children – Why They Need It Just as Much as Adults

The benefits of yoga to children

In today’s hustle and bustle, it’s easy to forget about our health and wellbeing and that of our family. When work and commitments get in the way, every member of the family can become stressed, anxious and worried. In adults, this might present itself in arguments and diet changes. In our little ones, you’ll probably see them show it through tantrums and tears.

Yoga, although typically reserved for adults, is becoming popular as a way for kids from the age of two to develop their minds and bodies.

Increased strength and flexibility

When doing yoga, kids will learn how to use different parts of their body and various muscles in new ways. Many yoga poses will involve stretching and bending, which all develop muscle strength, flexibility and tone. Because of all the weight-bearing poses and core strength exercises, we’ve also found that children who do yoga tend to have better posture – no slouching here!

Refined coordination and sense of balance

Anyone who has ever been in a yoga class will know that it requires a good sense of balance. The idea behind this is to promote mental and physical calmness, which you will need if you want to keep the pose. Imagine a child who’s trying to balance on one foot – they’ll soon discover that getting overly excited won’t work. They need to calm down and focus. In some “yoga for kids” classes, you’ll even find that the teachers go a step further and do finger yoga to promote fine motor skills.

Improved concentration and focus

Focus and concentration are the key skills when it comes to yoga. Yoga tends to incorporate a lot of breathing exercises. As a result, more oxygen circulates through your child’s body, improving their overall memory retention. As your child goes through the different poses, they will need to focus 100% on what they are doing to keep their balance. This sense of mindfulness is also great when it comes to concentrating in school (which means better grades)!

Better stress responses

As much as we love our little ones, they can be a handful sometimes… especially when they’re throwing a tantrum in the middle of the shopping centre or while you’re trying to get some work done. These days, many experts are touting the benefits of breathing and mindfulness techniques – and these can work for kids too! Through yoga, your child will learn proper breathing exercises that will help them stay calm and focus in a variety of situations.

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