Top 5 tips for keeping your children healthy

Schools and child care centres are wonderful places for children to learn and develop new skills, make new friends and become independent individuals. But they can also be hotspots for germs, illnesses and unhealthy eating habits.

While you can’t be there to watch your child’s every move and every meal, these 5 tips will ensure your child continues to eat healthy and stay healthy in school or in the child care centre:

1. Teach them proper hand washing

Proper handwashing is one of your child’s best defenses against sickness. Children like to use their hands a lot when playing and learning, and a lot of times these can get dirty. However, this won’t stop your child from touching their nose, mouth or face, and becoming prone to illness. Make sure you teach your child the proper way to wash their hands as well as the importance of washing their hands regularly, especially after blowing their nose, using the bathroom, playing outdoors and right before eating. If it’s not possible to wash their hands, make sure a handy hand sanitizer is available to use.

2. Boost their immune system

Keep your child’s immune system strong by allowing them to stay active with regular, moderate exercise; serving well-balanced meals; making sure they get enough rest, and managing their stress levels.

3. Teach them sickness prevention habits

While it may be good for children to share, it’s not good for them to share germs that can cause sickness. Make sure to teach them not to share items that can come in contact with their mouths and faces, such as straws, cups, utensils, caps and scarves. Also teach them the proper way to cover their nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing, and to keep their physical distance from other children who may be sick.

4. Give them healthy snacks and meals

You may not be able to control everything your child eats at school, but you can do your best to make sure they eat healthy food at breakfast, and by packing them healthy snacks and a packed lunch. A balanced breakfast with low-fat protein and complex carbohydrate sources has been proven to maintain a steady level of energy throughout the day. Steer clear of processed and junk food and as much as possible incorporate whole foods such as fruits and vegetables into your child’s snacks and packed lunch. If the child care centre provides meals and snacks for your child throughout the day, check their menu to see if the meals are healthy and appropriate for your child.

5. Check school or day care environment and policies

The school or day care centre you choose should do their part in ensuring your child’s health and protection against illnesses. Make sure to check:

  • If there are accessible sinks in every area for children and staff
  • If children and staff are instructed to wash their hands throughout the day
  • That toilets, sinks, learning areas and other common areas as well as commonly used classroom or centre items are regularly cleaned and sanitised
  • That door handles, cabinet handles, drinking fountains, diaper changing tables and potty chairs are cleaned and disinfected frequently
  • That food is properly handled and stored
  • That good health and hygiene policies and practices are in place

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