Surprise Visit from 2DayFM & Australian Reptile Park

Last month, we had some special guest visits at our Pyrmont 2 centre.

In partnership with 2DayFM, the producers from their breakfast show did a small photoshoot at the centre with our preschool Leaders. They were joined by Zookeeper Dan and his animal friends.

Everyone who participated in the event had an opportunity to meet and pat Gizmo the Koala and Smiley the baby alligator. The Leaders were able to carefully follow the instructions of Zookeeper Dan and were on their best behaviour so they don’t upset their new friends.

This meet and greet was a really great way to expose children to different activities (and animals) outside of their usual routine. It taught them about Koalas and Alligators, how to nurture and care for animals, and gave them the confidence to give their new friends a little pat.

We loved the enthusiasm the children had towards the animals, excitedly sharing their knowledge and experiences of encountering koalas/alligators with the group. The children learnt to interact with others with care, empathy and respect and displayed a great level of confidence.

They were effective communicators throughout the entire visit and we are very proud of how they behaved towards the animals as well as the staff from 2DayFM.

At Bliss Early Learning, our programs incorporate many special events, guest speakers and incursions to provide your child with as much exposure to different activities as possible. To find what activities are held at your nearest centre, get in touch with our friendly team of educators on 1300 717 777 or email to find out more.

Below are snippets from the visit.