Each year over the Summer Holidays we run an amazingly fun ‘Holiday Extravaganza’ program which run from mid-December to early January. The event features four themed weeks of activities and learning opportunities for our children. This year our children will participate in:

Blissful Bakers: making a new culinary creation each day! Who knew your children could cook for you!

Happy Holidays: Rejoicing in the silly season and celebrating our summer holidays

80’s Old Skool: Retro fun! Games and activities from when your parents were kids. Playing elastics, jacks, Connect 4, musical chairs, 3-legged races and more.

Circus di Bliss: Carnival/circus theme – This week will be full of fun physical activity. Have fun with animals, become a circus performer, experience face painting, play carnival games such as knock over the cans, quoits, balancing beam and juggling!

Super fun activities will be happening every day during each themed week. If you wish to book in for casual days or additional days, please contact our friendly Support Team on 1300 717 777