Each year over the Summer Holidays we run an amazingly fun ‘Holiday Extravaganza’ program which runs from mid-December to early January. The event features four themed weeks of activities and learning opportunities for our children. This year our children will participate in:

  • Week 1: Santa’s Workshop
    This week is all about the festive season! We’ll have visits from Santa and participate in activities like Christmas baking, Christmas party, writing letters to Santa, decorating the centre Christmas tree, various arts and crafts like making xmas cards, tree decorations, gift wrapping paper and more!
  • Week 2: Character Extravaganza
    Let your child dress up to their heart’s content! This week is all about their favourite characters from bedtime stories, favourite movies, animals and role models in all shapes and forms. We’ll have dress ups, entertainers including mascot costumes, face painters, afternoon tea parties, discos and so much more.
  • Week 3: Around The World
    Explore the wonder of different countries daily as children get their ‘passports’ stamped before learning about the world and different cultures. Children will experience cultural incursions, have a beach party, participate in cooking activities to sample foods from around the world and so much more!
  • Week 4: Five Senses
    Children will enjoy all activities relating to their sight, sound, smell, taste and touch! Children will get to participate in taste tests, sensory play with play dough, slime, oils and various other textures. This week is all about new and exciting experiences where children aren’t afraid to get messy!

Super fun activities will be happening every day during each themed week. If you wish to book in for casual days or additional days, please contact our friendly Support Team on 1300 717 777