About Bliss Early Learning

Our premium centres have best possible well-being and learning outcomes in mind:

  • Public Holidays are always free
  • There is no fee to join our waitlist
  • FREE programs to support your child’s creativity and learning
  • Australian owned and operated
  • Learning outcomes bolstered by our own bespoke curriculum that we teach in addition to the curriculum set by the government
  • Children direct their own learning
  • We have our own child protection and safety program in addition to the legislated requirements to ensure your child is nurtured in a safe environment

At Bliss Early Learning, we aim to ensure that all families feel welcome and become a part of our centre community. We know that we have better outcomes for children when families are involved in a meaningful way:

  • Daily learning outcomes and adventures are published on our online app, MyBliss, that can be accessed by phone and computer
  • Maintain portfolios to showcase your child’s learning journey
  • Stay connected with regular newsletters
  • Hold events for families at our centres
  • We love hearing from you and value your opinion
  • Regular family fun days
  • Facebook and Instagram communities
  • Bliss Early Learning welcomes all parents and caregivers to visit us anytime.
Bliss - About Us