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    The Importance of Storytelling for Child Development

    Once upon a time, there was a child who loved to learn…  Stories have long been used to share information and understanding, but they’re also highly important for child development. At each Bliss Early Learning Centre we aim to introduce storytelling into every day in various ways, and here’s why. ...
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    Sensory Activities for Children That Are Easy to Set Up at Home

    Sensory play is so important for little minds and hands – it can help to build fine motor skills, encourage problem-solving, support language development and create new neural pathways.  While of course we’re still social distancing outside of the home and minimising contact with shared surfaces, it is possible –...
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    6 Ways to Inspire Children’s Learning

    Young minds are always picking up new information, and the more we can inspire that process the better equipped children will be to develop a lifelong passion for learning. Here are six simple yet effective ways to motivate a child in their learning processes. Explore concepts in multi-sensory ways We...
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    Who Qualifies for the Child Care Relief Package During COVID-19?

    There have been quite a few changes to everyday life in recent weeks due to the COVID-19 situation, and on 2 April 2020 the Australian Prime Minister announced a new early childhood education and care relief package. This package is designed primarily to support essential workers in their invaluable roles...
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    Guide to Healthy Eating: Children 0 – 12 months

    From the moment your child is born, it is essential for them to receive the right nutrients in order for them to grow and develop at a healthy rate. Often parents are bombarded with information about what is best, when to start and what to provide. Below is a guide...
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    Help Your Child Settle into Child Care

    Going into child care for the first time can be a difficult experience for both child and parent. There are often emotional and psychological roadblocks getting in the way. These things are quite normal however, as any change, particularly for a young child, can be scary at first. Thankfully, there...