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    Surprise Visit from 2DayFM & Australian Reptile Park

    Last month, we had some special guest visits at our Pyrmont 2 centre. In partnership with 2DayFM, the producers from their breakfast show did a small photoshoot at the centre with our preschool Leaders. They were joined by Zookeeper Dan and his animal friends. Everyone who participated in the event...
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    Our New Season Menu has arrived

    Autumn has arrived and so has our new and improved menu! Thank you to everyone who provided input via our recent survey. We have taken your feedback on board and have developed a super healthy, Nutrition Australia approved menu the kids will love. Balanced and rich with the required nutrients,...
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    Staff highlight: 5 minutes with Miss Eve

    Name: Miss EvePosition: Centre DirectorBliss Early Learning Centre: Maroubra Miss Eve is our full-time off-the-floor Centre Director. She has been working in the child care industry for over 16 years and will oversee all aspects of the service as well as mentoring and guiding the Educators to continuously deliver first...
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    Using Music And Movement For Your Child’s Development

    As a parent, you want the best for your child. For centuries, parents have sung lullabies to their children and more studies are showing increased benefits to your child from music and movement. 1. Improved brain development Moving to music involves many different actions such as listening, moving, looking and...
  • 09/

    Yoga for Children – Why They Need It Just as Much as Adults

    In today’s hustle and bustle, it’s easy to forget about our health and wellbeing and that of our family. When work and commitments get in the way, every member of the family can become stressed, anxious and worried. In adults, this might present itself in arguments and diet changes. In...
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    Play-based Learning And How It Sets Your Child Up For Success

    Every parent wants the best for their kid, but this often means balancing fun and playtime with learning, education, and skill development. While the success of your child in the earliest years of development is naturally important, making sure they’re enjoying the journey and spending time just being a kid...