About Us


Welcome to the next generation in early learning for children up to five years old.

We are a family owned, Australian company, with a wealth of quality child care experience dating back to 2006, in designing the ultimate environments and programs for learning and fun. We are passionate about providing the best education and care for your child whilst delivering a premium experience to our families.

We have taken all of the best bits from our industry and brought them together to give you Bliss Early Learning. The most blissful place on Earth!

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Our Vision


Our vision is to provide the foundation for children to experience care and development by a combination of expert staff, leading facilities and educational programs to stimulate self-esteem and creativity.

Bliss Early Learning has a strong vision and desire to become the leader in child care services by being innovative and attracting the greatest educators. We always aim to be at the forefront of the industry by providing unsurpassed education to children, being an employer of choice and a brand recognised for its values and quality.

Our centres value the importance of continued professional development in the setting of goals and the systematic evaluation and review of everyday practice to ensure and maintain high-quality care.

We welcome and highly encourage families and the local community to participate in all centre events.

Our Philosophy


Bliss Early Learning endeavours to provide a ‘family-like’ atmosphere and, as educators, we recognise the importance of creating a link between your home and our centres, where both families and educators work in partnership. Children and families are welcomed into the centres regardless of cultural, religious or family beliefs.

We believe that our innovative child care centres are the best facilities in Australia. Your child will gain early social development and educational skills, in a safe and caring environment, ensuring they have the best head start in life.

Our Brand Values

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Bliss Early Learning Individual Icons_4_People
Bliss Early Learning Individual Icons_5_Community


Come first, second and last.


We do what we do because we want to have a positive impact on people’s lives.


Quality is paramount. We are always compliant to ensure the safety and well-being of every child.


We value our people big and small, we seek to connect, engage and inspire our colleagues and families.


Family extends beyond the household, we are a family away from home and instil a sense belonging.

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We embrace change and believe in innovation to support our children to be free-thinking, curious and passionate leaders.


Bliss represents dedication, optimism, self-awareness, humour, and excitement.


We have integrity. We stand by our brand, our values, our practice and have each other’s backs.


We take full responsibility for our actions, our goals, environments, and are driven by our strong work-ethic to lead a thriving brand.


We are open and honest in the workplace and ethical in all dealings.

Our Purpose

is to provide families with convenient access to child care centres where children can have fun, learn and develop in a safe state-of-the-art environment.

Our Values

which guide our choices and decisions are placing the children at the very core of what we do. Children, parents and educators are the cornerstone of our success and we not only take pride in what we do but how we do it.

Our Belief

is that our innovative child care centres are the best facilities where a child will gain their early social development and educational skills which will lead them to have the very best head start in life.